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 "Xray cameras allows to see through clothes and find hidden objects or weapons"  this is a total lie, if you see it on the web, do NOT believe it!  The same jackass writes: you will be able to see some ones weapons if they are wearing a swimsuit! tags
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Full Spectrum lens modified Sony video cameras for sale info @  http://youtu.be/wBc-8MrcvZE 


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There are people out there that will try to sell you a worthless camera for top dollar on ebay!  ghost hunter, ghost hunting, nightvision night vision xray x-ray?  are they full of crap?  Taking an old trick and turning it into into a new con, the latest thing is the ghost hunting craze, and there will always be someone that will try to fool others!  ........NEW!......read more!


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Ghosts and orbs show up at my house when lady friends show up, they follow them into my house in Thailand. This video is a censored video, I am keeping my lady friend anonymous. You can see the orbs and some smoke like spirit images, the video is slowed down to 100%
If you look real good, you can see a spirit walking, arms and legs from 0:49 to 0:58 the spirit walks to the left and comes back to the right!  This video was shot with a Sony CX360 with the built in LED camera light turned on.

We have access to a color correcting filter that will turn this modified camera back into a normal camera  Please inquire if you need one?

normal mode infrared normal mode with color correcting filter

This light assembly is for sale, 48 IR LEDs a battery lead, hotshoe mounting bracket and velcro to hold the battery to the bar  $32 for the kit, free shipping if bought with a camera.


A modified Sony CX190 used as a night vision camera, footage from one of my customers:



One of my customers: GHA  Ghost Hunters of Australia (TV series)


A youtube video shot by one of my customers:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMnLqmzgRd4

UFO footage from one of my cameras:  http://www.youtube.com/user/crazydavy77

South Jersey Ghost trackers!

Midwest Specs paranormal group

I saw a ghost  my own story!   My friend Alex died and comes back as an ORB  

I found this site after visiting a site from one of my customers
http://www.spirrit.net/     http://soulrescuesite.com/
Ernie Vans rods and orbs: 

Reiki Masters Orb photography album, orbs, spirits, spirits of animals, paranormal, and spirit portal.

My customers ghost footage...scary stuff!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYOIk7hSd-I 

Ebay seller sonyinfrared & sony_infrared

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